Berlin Startup Girl in Forbes!

Berlin Startup Girl in Forbes! Earlier this month I sat down with Amy Guttman of Forbes to talk about the status of the Berlin startup ecosystem. We spoke a lot about how the funding has grown, how exits like Microsoft’s acquisition of 6Wunderkinder is a game changer, and why Berlin is an attractive city to build your own startup (other than just being cheap).

Check out the full article: Why Investors Are Keeping A Close Eye On Berlin For Startup Success

Kalie Moore Forbes


Berlin Startup Girl Featured in The Hundert – Connecting the Dots of the Berlin Startup Ecosystem

Kalie Moore



Awesome news! I was recently featured as one of 100 international entrepreneurs in The Hundert’s Connecting the Dots of the Berlin Startup Ecosystem Issue.

In his famous 2005 Stanford Commencement Speech, founder legend Steve Jobs explained how he could only assess the single “Dots” – the connections between his life and his decisions – in retrospect. Based upon this assertion, ‘the Hundert – Vol.3’ gathers the memories of one hundred founders, investors and “makers” from 48 different countries. [Read more…]

Berlin Startup Girl in the Sunday Times!

Kalie Moore Sunday Times of London

For a PDF of the article click here: It’s Berlin game, tech and match | The Sunday Times

For the record, I was totally misquoted about the language part. I said that you don’t need German to work in the startup scene, but now that I had committed to Berlin, and my visa has been secured, I think it is important to learn the language.  [Read more…]